Monday 25 November 2013

Something Different - Crochet!

Crochet was probably the first craft I ever learned as my mum taught me when I was little. In fact I seem to remember having a pattern book called "crochet outfits for teenage dolls" or something similar. (In my day a teenage doll was a Sindy not a Barbie or Bratz or whatever they do these days but I digress.) For a while crochet was my craft of choice and I even had the patience to create whole adult sized garments. Now I don't seem to have the attention span but I hope to get back to it one day.

In the mean time I've been inspired by Pinterest to have a go at some beaded bracelets. They're designed to wrap round the wrist twice but as my wrist is queen sized and these were created for your more willowy princess types you'll have to imagine that bit. They're really quick and easy to do, only chains and slip stitches and I think they'd be great fun for teaching a child how to crochet.


Elaine Stark said...

These are great for all ages. I love the bright colours. I too learned to knit and crotchet from a very young age and been crafting ever since. Elaine

Dotty Jo said...

How lovely, I wish I had managed to learn to crochet and knit! Jo x

Sasha said...

Your bracelets are all fabulous, Julie! I love the yummy colours.....they go together beautifully.

Like you, I used to crochet tops and even a mini dress. When I was a young girl my grandmother and my mum taught me to knit, sew and crochet. These days I prefer to crochet smaller baby items x

Heather said...

Fabulous bracelets Julie, gorgeous colours used.
I once crocheted a dress in 3ply wool - never again - that has killed my desire to croched ever again!!!

Heather xx

coops said...

these are gorgeous julie.stunning bright colours ;D

x coops xx

Traceyr said...

These are so pretty and colourful I'll have to look into making these - I can't crochet but as you said they should be "childfriendly" I might be able to manage. :)


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