Saturday, 24 January 2009

Some Thank Yous

I have got to be the world's worst blogger when it comes to acknowledging, and picking up awards. Some of these go back to November, (I know I'm terrible!) Anyway better late than never I hope. I got given five different awards by a number of people, I won't list the awards cos you've all seen loads of them by now but here's a list of the very kind and generous people so you can visit and leave some love.

Pam at Handcrafted with love
Sue at Sue Lesley's Craft Room
Elaine at Simpli Crafti
Jilli at Jilli's Paiges
Helen at Helen's Craft Haven
Suzanne at Stamp in Style, Cut it Cute
Tracy at Bluedaisy Crafts
Sue at Inspiration Station

Thank you all very much ladies and apologies for taking so long to do this.

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